Milk antibiotic tests


BT Combo Test kit BIOTEH

Being the result of obtaining high milk yield, cow mastitis is quite common in modern dairy industry, thus antibiotics like β-Lactams and tetracyclines, etc., are frequently administered in veterinary clinical practice. However, these antibiotics residues in milk may cause potential damage to human health, which is now strictly controlled and supervised in many countries.

This product utilizes the high affinity of β-Lactams capture protein against the antibiotics, which can easily identify these potential hazardous substances in milk without any instrument. The detection limit of the kit can meet both European and USA MRLs.

    • Reliable and accurate;
    • Portable use in the field, farm, veterinary, laboratory;
    • Easy screening of many samples;
    • Fast results in less than 5 minutes;
    • No incubator or cultures required;

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