Automated somatic cells counting system

EKOSCOPE is a complete automated somatic cells counting system, based on the direct microscopic method, consisting of two sections EKOSCOPE- FPS1 and EKOSCOPE-SCC1 designed to detect mastitis as well as for complex research applications. The design of the system and the Windows-based software make measurement taking and data processing simple and convenient.

EKOSCOPE-FPS1 renders manual processes, related to the preparation of microscopic slides, automatic:

  • Automatic milk sample dosage and spreading on the slide;
  • Automation of the staining process;

EKOSCOPE-SCC1 provides quick and accurate counting of the somatic cells in compliance with the direct method Any kind of microscopic examination can be performed directly on the display.

    • Fast checking: 10 minutes;
    • Use of small quantities and cheap reagents;
    • Simultaneous testing of 6 samples;
    • Water bath incubator
    • Active substance;
    • Test tubes with stoppers: 12 pcs.;
    • Stand;
    • Bottles with reagents: 2 pcs.;

    A universal microprocessor based device featuring easy operation and reliability. It`s functionality makes it suitable also for other laboratory purposes

  • EKOSCOPE-FPS1 Films preparing station

    EKOSCOPE-FPS1 makes all procedures, otherwise manual, to perform films preparation to the microscopic tests:

    • Automatic milk transferring and spreading;
    • Automatic films staining.

    EKOSCOPE-SCC1 Films examining station

    EKOSCOPE-SCC1 provides the enumeration somatic cells values, according to the official method with high accuracy and precision and performing all scientific examination directly on the display.


    • Biological microscope;
    • Automatic system for moving the microscope’s stage in transversal and longitudinal directions;
    • Color CCD camera;
    • PC;
    • Software for managing the system:
      1. calculates the microscope factor;
      2. controls the automatic movement of the microscope’s stage;
      3. captures the images from the microscope;
      4. counts the number of somatic cells in each optical field;
      5. the SCC (number/ml) in the milk sample;
      6. stores the data;
      7. prints the data.

    • Analyzing speed – the measuring time depends on the number of the analyzed optical fields. The analysis of one field takes about 2-4 seconds. You can have a precise result analyzing from 30 to 100 fields;
    • Measurement accuracy: typically ±10% (100 fields);
    • Modular design allows fast and easy diagnostics and maintenance;
    • Large number of microscopic samples can be prepared;
    • High accuracy and repeatability in measuring 0.01 mL quantities of the sample;
    • Repeatability in staining the sample film;
    • The automatic mode can be customized upon user's request;

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